FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What is Destinno?

Destinno is a software tool designed for travel agencies, receptive agencies, and tour operators. It allows you to create and market customized travel proposals and itineraries in an agile and interactive way, streamlining sales and providing a unique digital experience for clients. Destinno offers a web app that consolidates all travel information, reducing the need for emails and eliminating paper document exchange.

The benefits of using Destinno include:

  • Closing sales earlier by creating customized itineraries and travel proposals in minutes.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Improving the purchasing experience for your clients.
  • Providing clients with online access to itineraries, included services, and all travel documentation from any device.
  • Real-time notifications and updates on flight changes, transfer schedules, and other important aspects of the trip.
  • Management and storage of all travel documentation.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios de usar Destinno?

  • Cerrar ventas antes creando itinerarios y propuestas de viaje espectaculares a medida en minutos
  • Ahorro de tiempo y menores costes 
  • Mejorar la experiencia de compra de tus clientes
  • Facilitar a tus clientes el acceso online a itinerarios, servicios incluidos y toda la documentación del viaje desde cualquier dispositivo
  • Tiempo real pudiendo enviar notificaciones y actualizaciones sobre cambios en vuelos, horarios de traslados y otros aspectos importantes del viaje.
  • Gestión y almacenamiento de toda la documentación de viaje.

Is the information stored in Destinno secure?

Yes, for each company, a private space (tenant) is created where the information of all users is stored independently, ensuring confidentiality, security, and data integrity. Google Cloud ensures daily automatic backup of all data.

How long is the trial period?

The free trial period is 14 days. During this time, you have full access to the software. You can create interactive itineraries, generate both web and PDF versions of the itineraries, and send these itineraries and travel proposals to your clients.

What type of companies is Destinno for?

Destinno is designed for receptive tour operators, travel agencies, and hotels that offer tour packages and organize events or incentives.

What can you do with Destinno?

  • Create customized travel proposals, itineraries, and budgets quickly and easily.
  • Present and share travel proposals with clients digitally via a website and/or a PDF document.
  • Capture potential customer leads.
  • Complete bookings and collect all customer data, including identification documents.
  • Manage all travel documentation with all details downloadable in PDF format.
  • Access a web app with a private area for travelers to review the trip and all documentation.
  • Adjust settings to manage what information clients can see and when.

Who can access my data in Destinno?

Only users with Destinno credentials (username and password) associated with your company can access your information.

Each company can create users and control who can view, edit, and modify customer data.

How can you subscribe to Destinno?

Destinno offers three different plans based on functionality and the number of users that can be billed monthly or annually with a discount. After selecting a plan, you can use the tool during a trial period.

Is there any training or support provided to users during the initial implementation period?

Yes, once the contract is signed, each company will be assigned a person responsible for onboarding and resolving initial questions. This person will be available during the initial four weeks, which is sufficient to implement the tool and train users. After this period, our support service will be available during regular business hours to address any additional queries.